I am really upset folks. I don’t have a big following on YouTube in spite of that, has removed my latest show. 

Episode 92 Is the Current Crisis part of Biblical Prophecy?

Brough up information from the CDC and the WHO regarding the current crisis. They stated it was a violation of they’re “Medical Information Policy”. 

Here was my response to them: 

Of course I’m going to appeal if for nothing else but to speak my mind. How dare you stifle someone’s first amendment rights. Second, the information that I talked about on this show, was taken DIRECTLY from the CDC, WHO et.al. You are declaring that it is “Medical Misinformation” then I suggest that you get your heads out of your butts and start looking it up yourself.

You want to ban me from YouTube, then go ahead and do so. You left wing liberals are doing everything that you can to stop the TRUTH from being told. This is the U.S. of A. for crying out loud. You cannot silence the masses. What surprises me is that you are threatening to shut down my little show with only 3 followers. Ewe, I must be causing quite a stir there huh? Good.

Looking forward to hearing your feeble reply.

Tell me what you guys think? 

God Bless,